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Core Competencies

Our Core Competencies

SVA core competencies enable us to integrate the financial and strategic dynamics of your business or business opportunity, whether preparing a business valuation, contract negotiations, business development matters, performance planning, and benchmarking.

We know how to get real work done.

  • If it's a highly confidential matter, we are quite capable of working completely independently.
  • Working within a high-performing team environment we excel in Finance Team leadership or managing an entire project team dependent on your company capabilities.


Special Purpose Valuation Reports

Our #1 goal is to enable you to make informed business decisions.

Take advantage of our skills in business valuation so that you can buy, sell, borrow, and negotiate with confidence.


SVA Core Competencies - Business Valuations

SVA can help you successfully incorporate the business dynamics of:

  • High growth potential businesses
  • High-tech opportunities
  • Domestic & international transactions
  • Emerging markets


SVA’s skill set includes:

  • Business and business opportunity valuation
  • Communication with Executive Team and Board of Director
  • Knowledge Transfer and Education of Business Owners and Leaders
  • Business development team project management
  • Coordinating and integrating the business dynamics of:
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Cost Structure
    • Legal, Regulatory, and Political Matters
    • Construction and CAPX
    • Finance Team
    • Third Party Investors


Special Purpose Valuation Reports

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