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Data for CrossCheck®


Preparing for Your CrossCheck® Business Valuation Report

The information you will need for the preparation of your s mall business valuation using CrossCheck® is fairly straightforward. Ideally you will have the following information available to you (whether as the owner or acquired from the seller):
  1. Historical Tax Returns (ideally 3 years) and/or
  2. Historical Accounting Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  3. Year-to-date Income Statement and current Balance Sheet
  4. Forecast of Revenues and Expenditures (1year to 5 years)
  5. Business Plan or Vision


SVA Prepared Data. For our clients who wish for complete transparency or y ou would like SVA to take care of the data preparation we will interview y ou (management due diligence) and analyze the financial information provided to us (financial due diligence). From there we will develop your forecast and prepare the valuation report for you based on the assumptions and parameters agreed to.
Client Prepared Data. When you order CrossCheck® your consultation time with us you will be able to explain the reason or purpose for your valuation. Negotiation dynamics, as applicable. SVA will then advise you how to bes t provide the information to us in the CrossCheck® client interface accessed through the Login button. You may select the approach you wish to take on the CrossCheck® order page.


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